Old Ad, Get Your Own P-30 engine for Christmas

Whether you were a parent looking to fulfill your child’s wishes of a model engine for Christmas, or an adult looking to spend your Christmas funds, Phantom Motors had an ad targeting you during the 1946 Christmas season.

This ad, "All Tied Up in Christmas Wishes" shows a drawn Phantom P-30 engine inside a transpartent box wrapped in ribbon.  A letter to modelers advertising the engine and the specs are below.
Dear Modelers:
We have built your Phantom P-30 just the way you wanted it We designed it RIGHT … we built it carefully with the very finest materials and we even have it I a box READY FOR SHIPMENT … So you see, YOUR PHANTOM P-30 is waiting for you. Only your address is missing … Fill out the coupon below and we will have it there BEFORE CHRISTMAS …Phantom
Ad, Phantom Motors Distributing Co., “For a Model Christmas.” Air Trails Pictorial, December 1946, pg. 7.


This ad, which features the engine in black and white with a red tinted background has the engine surrounded by a great big red bow.  Text aimed at parents and the specs are below this.
Mother – Dad… He has waited a long time for this. He has watched and envied the other fellows who have them. GET HIM A PHANTOM P-30 FOR CHRISTMAS and DO IT NOW! The Phantom P-30 is a sturdy, reliable, easy to operate class “B” engine. Make this Christmas one he will remember through endless happy hours with his PHANTOM P-30.                                                                                                      Ad, Phantom Motors Distributing Co., “All Tied Up in Christmas Wishes.” Air Trails Pictorial, November 1946, pg. 25.

Although the Phantom P-30 in the museum’s collection is missing its spark plug and is rough and worn, it isn’t too hard to imagine a young-at-heart someone beaming happily as the engine was unwrapped Christmas morning.

The Phantom P-30 in the museum's collection is worn and missing its spark plug.
Phantom P-30, National Model Aviation Museum Permanent Collection, donated by Rhonda Egler, 2000.29.153.
What modeling gifts are you hoping to receive this Christmas?

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