New Addition: 1928 Modeling How-to Book

Model Airplanes: How to Build and Fly Them by Elmer L. Allen, published in 1928 is a fantastic resource for those interested in 1920s model aviation scene.  We’ve had a copy of this book in the library for years, but while the text & diagrams are still readable, unfortunately the spine is damaged.

The book, Model Airplanes: How to Build and Fly Them, has a green cover with a shiny model airplane drawn at center.  The spine on this book is damaged.

Recently, someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) offered to donate his copy to the museum’s library.  We said yes.  Collecting two copies of early, important book titles is standard practice, and one of the ways that the museum is ensuring that model aviation’s legacy will be around for generations to come.

While dirty, the green cover and shiny silver model airplane drawing are still very visible on this copy of the book Model Airplanes: How to Build and Fly Them.

You can get a tiny glimpse into the wisdom Allen shares in this book by checking out the “When you build… tips from the past pt. 2” post from October 2013.  If you want to know more, feel free to drop Maria a line at

Thanks anonymous donor for the donation!

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