March 2014 Guessing Game, pt. 4

Have you taken a close look at the objects from the museum’s collection that have been posted over the last three weeks?  If not, check them out!

A toy car designed to look like an old van. The car advertises Polk's Hobbies at 314 5th Ave New York, New York.
Object 1
A wooden Control Line Handle sold by Ace Model Airplane Co. located at 3149 Shenandoah Street St. Louis was originally sold for 25 cents.
Object 2
The cover of the March 14, 1914 issue of Aero and Hydro. The cover image shows “Firm Believers in Trans-Atlantic Aviation” Lieut. J.C. Porte and G.H. Curtiss.
Object 3

What do they have in common?  Herb noted that “314” was in the address for both the Polk’s Hobbies Van and the Control Line handle sold through Ace Model Airplane Co.  That’s correct.  Good job, Herb!  Feel free to brag about the fact that you’re our winner!

The “314” is what connects those objects to the Aero and Hydro article, which was originally published on March 14, 1914 – or 3/14/14.

The numbers 3-1-4, in that order, are the common trait that all three items share.

The mathematical number Pi.The 3-1-4 is also a common trait of this month, March 2014 or 3/14.  Which just happens to be the first digits of the mathematical number Pi.   So even though “Pi Day” is over, celebrate the fact that it is still Pi Month, and go out and have a piece of pie!


And, just because, this is the cover of the issue of Aero and Hydro that was published 100 years ago today.  The main article focuses on seaplanes; the picture on the cover is captioned, “Aero-Boating by Moonlight at Palm Beach.”


National Model Aviation Museum Library, Aero and Hydro, America’s Aviation Weekly, vol. VII, no. 26, March 28, 1914.

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