New Addition: Byron Originals Pitts S-1

The museum has been working on restoring a Byron Originals P-51D Mustang model airplane for its collection.  However, unbuilt Byron Originals kits were not represented in the collection at all.  A recent donation by Jim Tiller of a Byron Originals Pitts S-1 kit filled this gap.

Two large white cardboard boxes with the blue Byron Originals logo.

Thank you, Jim, for helping the museum grow its collection.

Picture credit: National Model Aviation Museum, donated by Jim Tiller, 2014.10.


  1. I have a Byron Originals Pitts S-1A in the original box. Complete set with the Byro Drive Engine. Never built. I have all the Manuals and documentation. Purchased is 1878. I visited the factory and loved it. Just never got around to build it. I enjoyed visiting the Shore Lander factory and town. If you have ever been there, you know what I mean… I’m looking to sell it. Could you offer any assisted? Thank you I hope to here from you.

    1. Thanks for sharing your memories regarding the Byron Originals Pitts S-1A.
      Sadly, I’m not much help on selling items. I suggest you try posting something over at or Both of those forums have classifed sections.
      Good luck!

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