Remote ID Compliance and Resources

As a reminder, the FAA will be ending its Discretionary Enforcement Policy for Remote ID compliance on March 16, 2024. Radio-controlled operators must then comply with Remote ID requirements through Standard Remote ID, use of a broadcast module, or by flying at a FRIA site. AMA has shared with the FAA that most AMA sites have FRIA status or are close to receiving a Remote Identification Authorization Exemption; however, many individuals are still finding it difficult to obtain a module. Although the FAA recognizes that modules are still scarce, more have become available since the original compliance date in September of 2023. With the progress in broadcast module availability, the FAA has stated that it will not further extend the deadline.

For a more detailed look at the requirements, view AMA’s Summary of FAA’s Final Rule on Remote ID. Please note that if your aircraft weighs at or under .55 lbs (250 grams), you are not required to comply with Remote ID or registration requirements.

There are a few options for those planning to comply with Remote ID using a broadcast module. AMA has compiled a list of currently available modules that you can view here. Please note that some of the modules are not available for immediate shipping and might not arrive to you by the compliance date. Please plan accordingly.

Many AMA members might choose to comply by flying at a FRIA-approved flying site. Several AMA clubs have received this designation and the AMA Club Finder has been updated to reflect which locations have been granted FRIA status. The site also has an option to search for FRIA-approved clubs within a certain mile radius. These clubs will appear with a green badge labeled “FRIA” next to them, as seen below:


To access the club finder, go here. We will continue to update our records as we receive FRIA approvals from the FAA. Please let us know if your flying site has received its FRIA approval and the website does not reflect this information. The FAA has also added all approved FRIAs to the UAS Facility Map, which can be viewed here.

Please keep in mind that in addition to complying with Remote ID requirements, you are also required to register with the FAA and to complete the TRUST. To register with the FAA, visit the FAA DroneZone. To take the TRUST, go here. For assistance registering with the FAA, view AMA’s guided walkthrough.

To remain current with the most recent government-related news, regularly visit the AMA Government Affairs blog. If you have any further questions or concerns, contact the Government Affairs department at (765) 287-1256 or