How to Use the FAA’s UAS Facility Map to Search for FRIAs

AMA has successfully obtained FRIA status for the majority of our chartered clubs’ flying sites. If you’d like to identify where FRIAs are located across the country,  there are a couple of ways you can do that. One option is for members to use AMA’s Club Finder. Click here for more information about how to use the Club Finder tool.

Another option is to use the FAA’s UAS Facility Map. Below is a quick guide for how to use it to find FRIA flying sites:

  1. Visit the FAA UAS Facility Map.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner, click on the layers tab.

3. Make sure the “FAA-Recognized Identification Areas” layer is selected. For an easier viewing experience, deselect all other layers.


4. You can search for a specific address in the top left corner or zoom into the map to search for FRIA sites generally. FRIA sites are outlined with a light blue box, as seen below:


5. For more information about the FRIA site, click on the site area. A box will pop up with the site’s information.


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