How To Get LAANC Authorization

Beginning on July 23, 2019, the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability or LAANC became available to recreational UAS operators. LAANC is an important resource for AMA members who wish to fly in controlled airspace near airports.

Right now, there are three options available to the public: Airmap, Kittyhawk, and UASidekick. The videos below detail how to apply for LAANC with Kittyhawk, UASidekick and Airmap.


LAANC covers most controlled airspace, but not all. It is currently available at approximately 400 air traffic facilities covering about 600 airports. For a full list of air traffic facilities participating in LAANC, visit the FAA website here. If you want to fly in controlled airspace where LAANC is not offered, you can use the manual application process for an airspace authorization through the FAA’s DroneZone.

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