AMA 2019 State-level Legislation Update

We are pleased to share an update on AMA’s 2019 government affairs work regarding state-level legislation. While many of you are aware that AMA is currently working with the FAA to implement new federal regulations, we also continue to track, categorize, and engage countless problematic bills across the US.

Many of the state legislative sessions have come to an end for the current cycle. This year, we continued to see many UAS-related proposals. However, as legislators begin to have a better understanding about the importance of our long-standing hobby, most of these bills were not overly concerning. Depending on the proposed restrictions or requirements, the AMA Government Affairs team determines a level of engagement.

297 Green Level – UAS-related state legislative proposals requiring minimal interaction

57 Yellow Level – Problematic UAS-related state legislative proposals requiring engagement

8 Red Level – UAS-related state legislative proposals requiring intervention

Fortunately, all eight red level legislative proposals were either stopped in committee and did not become law or were passed with important amendments that protect AMA members. For example, Nevada Senate Bill 421 was written to establish a program to facilitate the growth and safe integration of UAS. The original draft included additional registration, but thanks to AMA’s advocacy, the unnecessary requirement was removed before the bill became law.

We are also happy to report that many states continue to support the Know Before You Fly campaign. This year, the California Senate, Rhode Island House & Senate, Utah House, South Dakota House, and Louisiana House have all passed resolutions recognizing Know Before You Fly as an official source of safety information and emphasizing the importance of safe flying.

Rest assured, we continue to monitor for UAS-related legislation. However, if you learn of a burdensome legislative proposal in your area that might affect our hobby, please contact us and we will investigate.

Thank you for your continued support of AMA. As always, please reach out with any questions at

Kind regards,

AMA Government Affairs Team