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Skydio 2+ with Pro Kit contents.

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight, and returns to serve as the title sponsor for our 2023 Uncrewed Aircraft System for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (UAS4STEM) competition.

logo set for UAS4STEM
Logos for UAS4STEM and Skydio along with logos for AMA, EAA and the AMA Foundation.

Founded with the mission of making the world more productive, creative, and safe with autonomous flight, Skydio leverages breakthrough AI to make drones more useful for consumers, enterprises, and public sector agencies by building in the skills and capabilities of an expert pilot with Skydio Autonomy. Skydio products are designed, assembled, and supported in the U.S. 

As part of the sponsorship, Skydio donated Skydio 2+ Pro Kits to the AMA staff for youth education and top three winners of the UAS4STEM competition in addition to funding to support the UAS4STEM teams and staff of the 2023 season. The UAS4STEM/Skydio partnership will ensure that students all over the United States have an opportunity to learn about drone/uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) technology. This prepares the competitors to fulfill the roles of future leaders in aviation and other science, technology, engineering, art, and math fields.

A Skydio 2+ drone.

What is UAS4STEM?

Student teams are issued a mission-based challenge to be completed using a drone/UAS. The 2022 challenge involves using a UAS to locate a cache of water bottles, pick up a bottle and deliver it intact to a specified target area. Bonus points are awarded for autonomy. To achieve the mission, students must learn to design, build and program a UAS and operate it safely and effectively as a team. As part of this process, all students complete a virtual ground school and gain hands-on experience that leads to enhanced career readiness and an increased likelihood of pursuing STEM and aviation careers. UAS4STEM is an educational program of the AMA.

2022 UAS4STEM teams gather at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh gate.
2022 UAS4STEM sponsored by Skydio teams gather at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh gate.
winning UAS4STEM 2022 team photo
The 2022 UAS4STEM sponsored by Skydio champions, McIntosh Aeronautics, receive their awards.

National Championship at AirVenture

Qualifying student teams from the preliminary round of competition are preparing to take to the skies for the international championship, hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, July 27-29. Top teams at the national level will receive Skydio products and scholarship awards funded by the AMA Foundation and Skydio.

Thank you, SKYDIO!

We are eager to see what creative endeavors our winning teams will pursue with the host of features on the Skydio 2+ drone. We know it will help them to document their team journey with video and provide a fresh perspective as they plan to meet mission challenges. With Skydio’s robust training and support library, we know they will be using it to full potential in no time. The availability of training resources is a huge benefit for UAS4STEM’s students and educators, and one of the reasons we are so thankful to have had Skydio as our title sponsor for the 2022 season; and are grateful for their continued support in our 2023 season ahead!

Skydio 2+ Pro Kit contents and useage example.
Skydio 2+ Pro Kit.

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