Silverhill RC Club’s flying site and theme park!

Hi Tony!

Here is the story of the Silverhills RC Club, AMA Charter 5148, and how I found our flying site.  Included are some pictures of the new field before work started and after it was completed.

I searched for a little over a year starting in late 2012 to find a new flying field.   I contacted several ranchers around our area, only to be turned down over and over.  I had been watching the field across from Silver Wood Theme Park and in late 2012 the new freeway had started.  I could see a new frontage road going right through the middle of the silver hills ranch, which is right across from the Theme Park.  When it was finished early in 2013, I drove the new frontage road and discovered a perfectly flat section which would be ideal for a flying field.  So that very day, the first of April 2013, I stopped over at the ranch and was able to talk to the ranch manager.  As luck would have it, he was an R/C flyer that stopped flying because of issues he had with the area clubs.  I told him that I wanted to create a new flying site and a new club, and he agreed.

We drew up a contract for three years with the option to renew the lease for 10 years at a set fee. The very next day Elven Scott mowed the area and then we rototilled the entire runway area which is 850’x125′ and raked it.  I started contacting local businesses to sell advertising spots on a 16’x16′ billboard located on the site for funding to improve the site.  I also invested $5,000.00 of my own personal funds.  I was off and running!  A week later I seeded and then rolled the runway hoping for rain, as I did not have a water tank to supply water to the field yet.  I thank God for the rains that came in the later part of April and in May.



I flew off of the runway for the first time with my 40% Yak on June 5th. I had sanctioned a NWSAW Qualifier Event for June 21-23 2014, and our first event was a great success!  The field is doing great and everyone that has come and flown on it has loved it.  As and additional plus, the field faces directly at the Northwest’s largest theme park, Silverwood Theme Park.  So, if you are planning to come and fly at Silverhills R/C field, bring the whole family!  You can enjoy a great flying field and the family can visit the Park as well, all in the same weekend!

How much fun is that?

Thanks, Tim  McGee


DSC02420DSC02422 DSC02426 WP_20130324_001


  1. I’m building a SIG Kadet and looking for a place to learn to build it, learn how to fly and then regularly fly it. I like building, so I’ll probably build more models.

    How can I contact an instructor and some help with electronics? I’m building a test stand so I can check all the components folks have given me.

  2. Go to the AMA website at and scroll down the main page until you see the “Club Finder”. Put in the info requested and it will bring up clubs in your area, along with contact info. Give the contact person a call and you can set up a time to meet him/her at the field to get your Kadet up and flying! They can provide all the helps you need.

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