NDRCC Eagle Field now designated a recreational area

NDRCC Eagle Field Threat
Hello Tony

As promised, here’s the latest on our Club’s effort to deal with the threat of having a three tier power line installed just north of our flying site, Eagle Field. Last January, the Texas Public Utility Commission at their monthly Commissioner’s, surprised all interveners by cancelling the power company’s application because the PUC did not feel that the power company had explored all possible routes. We fully expected the Commissioners to endorse the recommendation of their staff and the power company which was a route about 1.5 miles east of our flying site (non-impacting). The application cancellation will require the power company to start the process over again if they still want to pursue a route in our area. While not the decision we were expecting, it is still a favorable outcome. The good news is that after 4 months, the power company not filed a new application for a line in our area, but that doesn’t mean this threat is over. We have to remain vigilant and ready to intervene if this threat re-surfaces.


We were successful in accomplishing several milestones;
1. Our Flying site is now designated a recreational area.
2. We were able to educate the PUC on the safety concerns of installing power lines within the flight pattern of model aviation fields.
3. We were able to muster a rigorous legal challenge, so the power company and the PUC now know we will do whatever is necessary to protect our flying site.
4. This has really motivated our club to hold more events where the public is invited and also more civic minded activities.

Once again, thanks so much for the legal advice and monetary support we received from the AMA.
Charles Shafer

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