AMA adds Flying Site Assistance Coordinator to HQ staff

Hi everyone!  I moved to Indiana from Georgia to work with the fine folks at HQ.  We can now work much closer together to provide better support to clubs and their flying site needs.  I hope to work with many of you to protect your current site, but I am also here to help when a site is lost.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  If you have not already checked out the Flying Site Assistance on the AMA website, I hope you visit it and see what resources are availalbe.  This will be growing all the time and I hope to add many new items and features!  visit

Tony Stillman
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Flying Site Assistance Coordinator
(800) 435-9262 ext. 230



  1. The city of Los Angeles has an ordinance outlawing any POWERED models in any park (except in areas specifically set aside therefor). Has anyone had experience overcoming such ordinances? I am not talking about club sites, just ordinary parks. With the park flyer size and the smaller electric powered airplanes and copters and also the tiny toy rc craft the ordinance seems quite absurd. Even rubber band powered models would have to be considered illegal according to the letter of the law. The law was written in 1979 and a lot has changed in \”powered\” models since then.

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