Potential Flying Site Map Updated with Indiana Locations

In October, AMA Flying Site Assistance Volunteer Dale Arvin attended a state convention that welcomed several city officials from the across Indiana. While in attendance, Mr. Arvin was able to discuss the needs of AMA members having access to land controlled by cities to create flying sites.  As a result, Dale was able to get several officials to agree to meet with AMA Clubs and members in their area to look over available city lands to see if a site would be acceptable for a club to create a new flying field.

These potential sites have been added to a map that was previously created to display potential flying sites across the country. View this map to see if any potential sites have been found close to you.

If you are interested in learning more about one of the potential sites, or interested in learning more about the flying site assistance program, please contact Lisa Johnson for the specific information on how to proceed.

Contact Lisa Johnson
AMA Flying Site Assistance Coordinator
fsac@modelaircraft.org (765) 287-1256 ext. 253

View AMA Potential Flying Site locations in a larger map

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