AMA Flying site assistance volunteers take action

amainaction-thIn the “AMA in Action” section of the May issue of Model Aviation Tony Stillman, flying site assistance coordinator, provides detailed information about what the flying site assistance volunteers have been doing on behalf of AMA members in their states.  These volunteers have been tasked with attending local convention to speak with government officials and larger companies to find flying sites for modelers across the country. Not only do the FSAV’s find facilities or land that is underutilized or unused that can be turned into new flying sites, but they also educate the officials about aeromodeling. To update members on where potential sites are located, visit the Flying site Assistance landing page on to stay up to date on the Flying Site Assistance program.

The map below shows potential communities, locations, for flying sites.  Look for more locations to be added as more AMA flying site assistance volunteers work with other local communities.

View AMA Potential Flying Site locations in a larger map
Potential Model Flying Site Locations Available
Contact Lisa Johnson
AMA Flying Site Assistance Coordinator (765) 287-1256 ext. 253
CLICK HERE to learn more about AMA’s Flying Site Assistance Program

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