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FALL IS IN THE AIR here in the Southeast. Cooler temperatures mean more days at the flying field. I hope you can take advantage of the weather before winter sets in.
This month I want to let you know about AMA’s revised Flying Site Assistance Volunteer (FSAV) program. The concept of FSAV began with the idea of getting the AMA membership involved in looking for possible flying sites. The program never really took off, but it was a good idea. I have revised this program to give direction to the FSAVs to help find new flying sites for clubs. Here is an outline of the program:

Flying Site Assistance State Program

The purpose of this program is to help acquire flying sites for AMA clubs by attending state conventions to solicit support from city or county representatives who are in attendance.

This program is modeled after our national program. I attend the National League of Cities or the National Recreation and Park Association annual conventions and solicit support for AMA club flying sites.
A state-by-state approach can have a positive impact. Based on what District II Vice President Gary Fitch was able to accomplish in 2010 at the New Jersey League of Cities, we will duplicate this program on a state-by-state level and use our Flying Site Assistance Volunteers to maximize benefits.
As an FSAV you would become part of a statewide work group devoted to assisting clubs with flying site acquisition issues. The task is to organize, train, and support each state work group in order to attend a statewide convention to present the AMA story to attendees with the intention of obtaining flying sites for AMA clubs. The state work groups would organize and select a group leader. The group would then research statewide conventions and select one to attend each year.
The AMA would provide the booth materials and training, as well as cover the cost of the booth space and entry fee for two FSAV’s to work at the booth. The FSAV convention workers would educate those who come by the booth and express an interest in providing a flying site for a club. The FSAV state work group would then follow up on these leads. This information would be used to connect clubs with the contacts from the convention in hopes of creating new flying sites for clubs.
I am working to recruit AMA members to serve on the state work groups. If you are interested, please contact me at and I will forward an application to you.
I have had good results with a test-program run by the Sonoran Desert Flyers Inc. of Oro Valley, Arizona. The group attended a state parks and recreation association convention and created several dozen new contacts that we are currently perusing for clubs in Arizona.
Based on my experience with the National League of Cities program I have been involved with for the past few years, this is a great opportunity for AMA members to partake in a program that can really make a difference. Please consider becoming a Flying Site Assistance Volunteer!

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