2010 Flying Site Grant Winners

Grant applications are due to your District Vice President on or before March 1, 2011. The District Vice President will review and approve the application and forward it to AMA Headquarters for arrival on or before March 15, 2011.

Applications received at AMA Headquarters after April 1 will not be processed.

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CONTACT: Erin Dobbs
AMA Programs Coordinator

2010 Flying Site Grant Winners

Club Name


District II

Sky Rovers Flying Club $2186.00
Binghamton Aeros Inc. $405.39

District IV

Northern Virginia Radio Control $839.00

District V

Sundancers RC Flying Club $1891.00
RC Fliers of Venice Inc. $610.00
Daytona Beach Radio Control Assoc. $990.00

District VI

River City Radio Controllers $260.00

District VIII

Texas City Radio Control Club $4361.50

District IX

Omahawks R/C Inc. $460.60
Crosswinds RC Club $685.00
Jefco Aeromodelers $5000.00

District X

Florence Aero Modelers $400.00
Victor Valley RC Flyers $803.00
Associated Modelers of Sacramento Inc. $5000.00
CVMRCC – Chula Vista $900
Remote Possibilities RC Club $4116.00
Menifee Valley Flyers $1000.00
District XI
Fly-A-Ways RC Club $1221.90

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