US Junior Free Flight World Championships

2022 FAI F1A & F1B World Championships in Bulgaria

The National Free Flight Society (NFFS) is proud to announce the accomplishments of the US Junior Free Flight World Championship Team at the FAI World Championships, held July 25-30, in Pordim, Bulgaria. This is the first championship in four years due to the pandemic, and 14 countries participated. Team USA pilots included Noa and Anat Goldstein, Skylar Donnelly, and Ittai Kohavi.


Noa Goldstein is the F1A Junior World Champion! She is the highest-placing female and the first American to ever win this event.

Ittai Kohavi is the F1B Junior World Champion! He was the second American to win this event.

Ana Goldstein became the second highest-placed female in F1A and placed 7th overall out of 46 competitors.

Skylar Donnelly was the highest placed female in F1B and placed 8th overall out of 32 competitors.

Sevak Malkhasyan (assistant team manager), Anat Goldstein, Noa Goldstein, and Charlie Jones (team manager).
Charlie Jones, Ittai Kohavi, and Sevak Malkhasyan.
Team USA: Charlie Jones, Skylar Donnelly, Anat Goldstein, Ittai Kohavi, Noa Goldstein, and Sevak Malkhasyan.

It’s worth noting that Noa Goldstein won the 8-minute flyoff by almost a one-minute margin. She and her sister, Anat Goldstein, also became the highest-scoring F1A females in the contest. The conditions were tough, but managers said that the pilots pushed through with incredible performances against top-notch competitors.

In honor of her sisters, Yael Goldstein created this music video on the Free Flight Facebook Group to congratulate them for their winning efforts: Team USA Jr. World Championships

Congratulations to the pilots, their managers, and all of their supporters who helped them earn this wonderful achievement.


  1. This result is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations to all of the young people who did such a fantastic job. And a special thanks to the families and other adults who took the time and put in the work to provide the support for the team.

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