IPP Instructors – growing the hobby one student at a time

They have been called the unsung heroes of the hobby because they help it grow one student at a time. The AMA Introductory Pilot Program (IPP) wouldn’t be possible without the volunteer efforts of a dedicated few who share the passion of the hobby with those new to model aviation, inspiring them to build the confidence necessary to succeed. They are the IPP instructors. Perhaps you know one and would like to tell his or her story, or maybe you are one of those who has stepped up to fulfill this important role. Tell us your story by sharing comments, photos, and more. If you are a student, click on the link below to learn more about this expanding program. 

Introductory Pilot Program

Learn More:
Introductory Pilot Program, Action Plan One” by Joel Brumley
from the Summer 2022 issue of Park Pilot

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