Why should our local group charter with AMA?  

In the mid-1960s, AMA established a program that gave local AMA members the opportunity to join together as a group, enjoy camaraderie, exchange modeling tips and tricks, and secure the use of flying sites. This was structured under the concept of organized groups, which are identified as AMA chartered clubs. Today, AMA charters nearly 2,200 clubs throughout the US.  

AMA offers a variety of programs and benefits to chartered clubs, including:

  • Flying Site Assistance: Whether you need ideas for where to look for a new flying site, get a kickstart on a presentation for a potential flying site property owner, or are simply trying to figure out how to lay out a flying site, we can help.  
  • Flying Site Improvement Grant (FSIG): Through the FSIG, AMA provides funding to chartered clubs that have made (or are making) improvements.  
  • Liability insurance coverage: Chartering your group with AMA automatically provides the club and the club officers with liability insurance coverage. Clubs also have the ability to provide flying site owners with primary liability insurance
  • Government assistance: AMA’s government team not only assists with the necessary steps that a club must take to fly in controlled airspace, but also provides support if you need higher altitude limits than FAA authorized.  
  • Introductory Pilot Program: Introduce a non-AMA member to aeromodeling while providing a safe environment and insurance protection to that person and the club.  

All of these various programs are great, but most importantly, it is about creating a community of model aviation enthusiasts. Whether you build and fly traditional model aircraft or love the challenges of FPV technology, the ability to share your passion with others is priceless.  

How does our local group become an AMA chartered club?

Check out the AMA Club Chartering Guide for more details, or reach out to the Club Services team at clubs@modelaircraft.org. We are happy to assist you! 


  1. Since you guys decided to start backing no skill required drones, and then the government got involved , there’s not much need for a club anymore we’re losing members left and right.

    1. With the Remote ID beconig a REAL thing starting 9/2023 the usefulness of a Club should strengthen if you promote the fact that your Club SHOULD become a FRIA site and flying there will NOT require a Remote ID module.
      Therefore hopefully increasing memebrship.
      I know I’ll promote my Clubs FRIA activity.

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