Helicopters – Rotary Wing Flight

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a helicopter?  At a Youth Aviation Adventure program near you, you can learn all about rotary wing flight.  Get a chance to learn from pilots, and get up close and personal with a helicopter. 


Just like all aircraft, helicopters must develop lift and thrust to overcome weight and drag.  Instead of relying on aircraft speed to force air over a wing, helicopters use two, three, or more airfoil shaped blades to generate enough lift to start flying.  By spinning the rotor blades fast enough, the individual “wings” carry the weight of the helicopter and provide both lift and forward thrust.


One of the most exciting parts of most Youth Aviation Adventure programs is often the arrival and departure of a helicopter.  You will get to see firsthand how the helicopter transitions from ground to flight with a new understanding of all the aerodynamic forces that must work in harmony to make it fly.


Join us at a program near you and explore your love for flight.


By Artie Clark



Youth Aviation Adventure is currently held in 21 cities across the country from Alaska to Florida and many places in between. The list grows every year, so if you can’t find a program near you now, check back frequently! https://youthaviationadventure.org


Anchorage, AK Orlando, FL Dayton, OH Albert Lea, MN
Big Bear, CA Atlanta, GA Toledo, OH Dickinson, ND
Santa Monica, CA Muncie, IN Shawnee, OK Spokane, WA
Denver, CO Columbus, OH Aurora, OR Eau Claire, WI
Jacksonville, FL Cincinnati, OH Stevensville, MD Sheboygan Falls, WI
      Waukesha, WI




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