AMAtureRCSpinsider- Camp AMA Pilots reach 10,000 views


At Camp AMA in 2012 several of the campers got together and formed a You Tube channel and Facebook page to provide reviews; and an accurate take on what life at Camp AMA is all about. The campers returned this year and took more photos and footage than anyone thought was possible. Rob Thomas, Michael Belanger, Jonathan Elie, Joseph Andrews, and Tristen Lobbezoo set out to create something great for young pilots like them. They now have over ten thousand views. Several of the guys have written articles, done flight demos, and attended events on behalf of the AMA. These are young men that are a perfect example of what happens when you get great minds together for a week at camp. Their creativity continues to amaze us. To see the material that they are currently uploading from camp 2013 follow the links below to their Facebook and You Tube pages.

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