AMA revising FPV policy

 AMA Advanced Flight Systems Committee

This Committee is charged with analyzing advanced model aircraft flight systems and developing operational procedures to enable AMA members to utilize these systems. For up-dates of AMA policies for utilizing new aeromodeling technologies visit this Blog.

NEW AMA Policies for FPV, Failsafe, Stabilization and Autopilot Systems


The AMA is excited to announce the completion of revisions to its policies for R/C model aircraft operations utilizing First Person View (FPV) systems (AMA document # 550) and Failsafe, Stabilization and Autopilot Systems (AMA document #560).

The AMA Advanced Flight Systems Committee (AFSC) in a collaborative effort with leading members of the hobby industry and FPV community developed comprehensive guidelines to enable AMA members to utilize these systems within the parameters of AMA’s and FAA’s operational requirements. The AFSC Guidelines for these systems were presented, reviewed and adopted by the Executive Council during the October 20, 2012 council meeting.
Click on the above document images to view the complete AMA Advanced Flight Systems Report or the individual operational documents for FPV Systems #550 or Failsafe, Stabilization & Autopilot Systems #560.

Andy Argenio
AMA AFS Committee Chairperson


  1. AMA regulations concerning flying within 5 miles of an airport (contacting the airport before flying) should address the situation where an established club field is within 5 miles of an airport, allowing the club to address the field location one time with the airport, and not requiring each individual to contact the airport each time they fly. I suppose that if the club contacts the airport one time when the field is established, I guess they have properly “contacted the airport before flying”, but your regulations could be more specific concerning club field flying within 5 miles of an airport.

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