2018 Control Line Team Manager Nominations

Control Line Team Members, Committee Members and Participants:

Teams have been chosen for the Speed, Race and Combat portions of the 2018 Control Line Team. However, the Aerobatic portion will not be decided until October at the Team Trials in Houston. We have decided to go ahead and call for Team Manager Nominations so that we can get that individual into place.

Please return your nominations to me via e-mail no later than August 18, 2017.

Team manager nominations will be accepted from the AMA membership community; groups which can be involved in this process may include: program participants, the presidents of AMA-recognized Special Interest Groups, previous and current team members and helpers, AMA HQ and the team selection committees.

A prospective team manager need not have been an FAI competitor. However, he/she must be thoroughly knowledgeable of the rules of the event for which he/she is being considered.

The actual appointment shall be made by AMA HQ and the FAI Executive Committee in consultation with the chairperson of the appropriate team selection committee. The FAI Executive Committee may select someone of its own choosing if not satisfied with the names submitted.  The FAI Executive Committee has the authority to replace a team manager or team members.

If you would like to nominate an individual you may do so by sending an email to cpierce@modelaircraft.org.


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