2017 AMA Election Results *Updated*


AMA President

Richard Hanson – 8026 votes

Lawrence Tougas – 4902 votes

Eric Williams – 3593 votes

Frank Tiano (write-in) – 940 votes

District I Vice President

Andy Argenio (Incumbent) – 873 votes

District V Vice President

Robert Brogdon – 1975 votes

District IX Vice President

Jim Tiller (Incumbent) – 746 votes

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  1. Congrat’s on the Election….! We need more that one flying field out here in Honolulu Hawaii to include more events other than just one. I’ve met numerous hobbiest that don’t want to travel to the end of the island just to fly for a short period of time waiting to get there plane up in the air.

    1. It’s not the job of the AMA to provide you with a flying site, that’s up to you and your follow club members.

  2. Rich is simply the best, and has done so much for all AMA members. His public and sometimes behind the scenes activities that most never know about has really helped the membership. His abilities knowing the ins and outs of the government quagmire that is sometimes slow or not rational has done the AMA membership proud and kept us all from a tremendous amount of unnecessary regulation. I know he will do the association proud as its new President.

  3. Congratulations Rich! A better man could not have been picked. Thank you for your continued service to the AMA and the sport of RC modeling.

  4. I am hoping to see more opportunity for Leader Members to be involved. The link for leader members on the website seems a bit outdated. Last materials available was from back in 2013. We need everyone’s support to continue being successful. I welcome Rich Hanson as our new President and look forward to doing all I can to help out.

  5. This is the same old thinking and same old leadership. We needed some one to think out of the box. I would like to see the voter category tally!

  6. Congratulations to Rich Hanson, we wish him the best of luck through his his upcoming endevours. I’m certain he will represent the AMA with the highest level of professionalism and continue to lead the origination in a positive direction.

  7. I know that votes were cast for Frank Tiano for President but that tally was not shown in the election results. That makes me somewhat suspicious especially since the voting process was tallied at AMA Headquarters and not by an independent outside agency that has been always utilized in the past. Has AMA become internally politicized?

  8. CONGRATULATIONS Rich [ former District XI ( 11 ) – Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington – President ] ! Good choice for the AMA as the AMA navigates through changes which have now become all too familiar.

  9. Congratulations to Rich and to the membership of the AMA, for selecting an outstanding candidate to lead the organization through what promises to be one of the most crucial periods in its entire history. We’ve got the right man for the job!

    We had the opportunity to interview Rich in support of his bid to become president, and I’ll re-post the link here for folks who may want to learn more about his history and qualifications:


    We’re very much looking forward to working with Rich to make the AMA stronger and more relevant to the broader society than ever before!

    Patrick “Lucidity” Sherman
    Roswell Flight Test Crew

  10. Congrats to Rich. I met him a number of times at various events over the past years, when he was AMA V.P. for district X. Where does he actually live?

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