AMA Members Save $75 on UAV Ground School’s FAA Part 107 Test Preparation


AMA members can now prepare for the FAA Part 107 exam and save $75 off the $249 preparation program price through Gold Seal UAV Ground School. The special exclusive price for AMA members only is $174! Just enter the promo code: AMA. Learn more about the program by taking the first two lessons FREE! FAA certified instructors created the program and teach it using FAA compliant materials. You can study at your own pace with more than 30 interactive videos and animated lessons, unlimited quizzes, full practice exams and downloadable lessons, FAA book chapters and more. Plus, you get access to the program for four years to prepare for retesting every two years. Gold Seal was founded in 2006 with more than 45,000 students and pilots taking their ground school courses. UAV Ground School program joined Gold Seal in 2013 to offer UAV courses.





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