New Addition: Jason Kegel’s trophies

In 1990 and 1991 Jason Kegel flew his Falcon Special to victory.  The Falcon Special has been in collection since 2008, but recently Jason’s father, Paul, donated Jason’s winning trophies for 1990 Junior Champion at Nats for CL Scale Racing and 1991 Senior Champion at Nats for CL Scale Racing to the collection.

A profile CL model airplane in black with the number 80395 on the wing. The model is outfitted with a bright green prop.
Jason Kegel’s Falcon Special.
Two trophies with wooden bases and glass panels. The trophy on the right has a gold-colored plate with the 1990 Nats logo. The trophy on the left has the white logo of the 1991 Nats embossed on the glass.
Jason Kegel’s 1991 and 1990 1st place trophies for CL Scale Racing.

Thanks, Paul, for helping to grow the museum’s collection!

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