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Alaska Legislature Recognizes AMA as CBO, Applauds Drone Education Effort

Contact: Allison Bryan media@modelaircraft.org (202) 777-3509 ALASKA LEGISLATURE RECOGNIZES AMA AS A COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATION, APPLAUDS DRONE EDUCATION EFFORT MUNCIE, INDIANA – The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), the world’s largest organization representing those who fly model aircraft for recreation and educational purposes, today was recognized by the Alaska State Legislature […]

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AMA Reacts to President Obama: More Regulation Wouldn’t Have Prevented White House “Drone” Incident

DC Airspace is Already Heavily Regulated, Community-based Programming is Key to Safe and Responsible Flying Contact: Charlotte McCoy media@modelaircraft.org (202) 777-3509 MUNCIE, Ind. —The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), the world’s largest model aviation association, today released the following statement in response to President Obama’s comments calling for more regulation […]

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CTOvision.com Drone Fear and the FAA Ban on Model Aircraft Near Stadiums

CTOvision.com Context for the CTO, CIO, CISO and Data Scientist By SeanLawson On October 27, 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a newNotice to Airmen (NOTAM) that bans the use of “unmanned aircraft and remote controlled aircraft” near stadiums. The move comes in the wake of a number ofreports worldwide, including within the […]

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