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Your questions answered-What is a “nationwide community-based organization?”

The Academy of Aeronautics Government Relations team would like to thank everyone who has visited our blog, asked questions and kept an eye on the current situation with the NPRM and proposed rules that could affect aeromodelers. In a recent blog post, “President signs FAA bill, includes protection for model […]

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Where Do We Go From Here

As AMA’s Congressional Awareness Campaign draws to a close, it’s reassuring to know that the AMA membership and the modeling community responded quickly and decisively to AMA’s call for action. Tens of thousands of modeling enthusiasts, supporters and aeromodeling stakeholders responded and made their concerns known to their elected officials. Members of Congress responded with dozens of letters of support and pledges to advocate for the hobby. Local and national media were alerted to our issues and hard-hitting articles were presented that questioned the need for such overreaching regulation.

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