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Flite Test Podcast – Brendan Schulman addresses the Interpretive Rule

Flite Test interviews Brendan Schulman regarding FAA’s Interpretive Rule In a recent interview with Flite Test… Brendan Schulman addresses relevant issues and concerns regarding FAA’s interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft established by Congress in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. It’s an hour-long Podcast; nevertheless, Brendan […]

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VIDEO RFTC: The AMA’s Government Affairs Director on the FAA’s Proposed New Rules for Model Aviation

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew talks with Rich Hanson, the Government Affairs Director for the Academy of Model Aviation (AMA). Hanson discusses the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposed Interpretive Rule for model aviation, which would ban FPV flying as well as putting severe new restrictions and requirements on […]

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Your questions answered-The 400 foot limit for model aircraft.

In the interview with Deputy Director John McGraw, Mr. McGraw seemed to have very little to say about the aeromodeling exemption in the FAA reauthorization bill. He also made a worrisome comment about a 400 foot limit for models. Rich Hanson, leader of the AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs: There […]

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