VIDEO RFTC: The AMA’s Government Affairs Director on the FAA’s Proposed New Rules for Model Aviation

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew talks with Rich Hanson, the Government Affairs Director for the Academy of Model Aviation (AMA). Hanson discusses the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposed Interpretive Rule for model aviation, which would ban FPV flying as well as putting severe new restrictions and requirements on all aspects of the hobby. He also describes the AMA’s response to the proposed rule, and how hobbyists can meaningful comments ahead of the July 25 deadline.

To see the AMA’s simple guide to effectively commenting on the proposed rule, follow this link:

To make a contribution to the AMA Foundation’s government advocacy support fund, follow this link:

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  1. We should start by making them and everyone else STOP calling quadcopters DRONES! All that does is bring up a bad connotation to a lot of people! Personally, I don’t consider them model aircraft either.

    1. Agreed. Every time someone asks me if my aircraft is a drone, I say, “No, it’s a UAV. drone is a word used by the media to scare people for no logical reason.”. People need to know that these are not made for spying, but for enjoyment. I’m also one of the few people I know that builds things, and doesn’t sp[onge off of the people for a job, like police, judges, park rangers, etc. They are all parasites, not creators. People need to start realizing that creators are what makes a country great, not parasites.

  2. No amount of legislation or Obama dictates will prevent the idiots that are causing the problems from continuing to cause problems. Laws and dictates only affect the law abiding people who are not causing the problems.

    1. An absolute parallel to gun control. Only law abiding people are afraid to break the ever increasing number of gun laws. Look at DC and Chicago for examples of this.

    2. … Obama has nothing to do with this. Stop hating the man just because he isn’t your cup of tea.

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