AMA Submits Public Comment to the FAA

The FAA’s Office of Airports is looking to change the definition of “aeronautical activity” and exclude recreational UAS/model aircraft from this definition. This could create an issue with clubs and events that AMA have on airport properties around the country that receive FAA funding because this money is often prohibited if the airport allows non-aeronautical activity to take place.

View the FAA’s notice here.

AMA, along with EAA, has drafted a public comment to submit to the Federal Register outlining the FAA’s history of regulating, publishing rules, and advising recreational UAS/model aircraft operations as an aeronautical activity. AMA is also requesting that model aircraft be included in the definition, or at the very least, provide a carveout for CBO chartered clubs, sanctioned events, and model aircraft air shows.

View AMA and EAA’s joint letter here.

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