AMA Continues Work to Reduce Restrictions

FAA Reauthorization takes place later this year and our team is focused on meeting with congressional offices to share about our hobby, discuss why current restrictions are not working for our community, and to provide suggested solutions. FAA Reauthorization is our opportunity to change current legislation, which means this is a big year for model aviation. As soon as the last FAA Reauthorization was published in 2018, we began working toward this year. We have had hundreds of meetings with Congress, FAA, DOT, DOD, the White House, and more in preparation for this bill.

Our team regularly travels to Washington, D.C., to develop and maintain AMA’s relationships with government officials. It is our priority for everyone on Capitol Hill to learn about model aviation and its importance in the aviation industry. On our most recent trip, we met with both new offices to introduce them to model aviation, and offices we already know to discuss solutions to current problematic restrictions on the hobby. We had a great week of meetings, with all offices positively responding to our concerns. It never fails that someone in our meetings has a personal tie to model aviation. This is a great testimony to the reach our hobby has across the country.

As 2023 progresses, and FAA Reauthorization nears, our team will continue to have a presence in Washington, D.C., to represent model aviation and work toward reducing current restrictions on the hobby.