Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) and NOTAMS

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is a type of Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) issued by the FAA that defines an area with restricted air travel because of hazardous conditions, special events, space operations, security, and VIP travel.

AMA pays particular attention to VIP travel TFRs. Whenever the US president or vice president travels, AMA posts a notice on our FAA NOTAMs page detailing the issued TFR’s date(s), times, and location. Each TFR notice includes a link to a map of the affected area as well as a link to the TFR as issued by the FAA. AMA also posts every TFR on its Facebook page to notify members and clubs within a 30 nautical mile (NM) radius (presidential travel) and a 3 NM radius (vice presidential travel) of the affected area. Additionally, AMA emails members and clubs within the affected area of the TFR with the same information for presidential travel.

Because 2020 is an election year, more TFRs and NOTAMs are being issued in more widespread areas – especially in swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. TFRs and NOTAMS are also currently being issued for presidential and vice-presidential candidates. After the election, TFRs and NOTAMs should appear less frequently.

If you would like to see TFRs and NOTAMs issued for reasons other than VIP travel, you can visit the FAA’s webpage for all TFRs and NOTAMs issued across the country.