AMA Meets With White House to Discuss Remote ID and Foreign-Made UAS

AMA recently met with the White House National Economic Council regarding a proposed executive order on foreign-made UAS and the FAA’s proposed rule on Remote ID.  The proposed executive order that has been drafted by President Trump’s administration, if signed, would ban the federal government’s use of foreign-made UAS, including model aircraft. The executive order would bar federal government departments and agencies from procuring, repairing, or servicing a UAS manufactured “in whole or in part” by any company from a foreign country viewed to be “engaged in a long-term pattern or serious instances of conduct significantly adverse to the national security of the United States or its allies.” The government would also seek to stop anyone with a federal contract, agreement, or grant from using a foreign-made UAS and stop people from flying them on or over federally managed or owned lands. This order could impact AMA members operating on military property, National Parks, Army Corps of Engineer lands, and EPA managed sites.  The executive order would also impact military JROTC and Civil Air Patrol UAS programs across the country.  AMA continues to work with the White House and hopes to shape the draft language before the executive order is signed by the President.

In addition to the proposed executive order, AMA also shared its concerns regarding the FAA’s Proposed Rule on Remote ID.  This meeting gave us the opportunity to share the negative impact the proposed Remote ID rule would have on US business, STEM, and the aviation industry.  AMA will continue to work with industry and appropriate agencies to find a more sensible solution to Remote ID.