Preserving Stories

The single, most important thing you can do to record your stories is to preserve your photographs, model airplanes, and the other objects that are vital to you. It is through the stories you tell about your objects that convey their meaning. When this context is known by others, it helps them realize how important these belongings are and that makes them more […]

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AMA Podcast: EP 38 – Lt Col Alexander Jefferson

Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson is a lifelong modeler, but more importantly, a retired Air Force officer, member of the 332nd Red Tail Fighter group, WWII POW and Tuskegee Airman Col. Jefferson discusses some of his experiences during WWII, including being shot down by German forces over France, as well as how model aviation helped him prepare for his service as a pilot in the Army Air Corps.

A portion of this extended interview originally aired on the pilot episode of AMA Air in October 2015.

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