Youth in Aviation

Sharing an email sent to us from Juancho Vidal, a member of the Borinquen R/C Modeler’s Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Hello from Borinquen R/C Modeler’s Club in San Juan. Enclosed are pictures of our latest event (which I know will be close to your heart), a children’s pilot training event.

We hosted the local Baptist Childrens’ Grade School and it was a blast! 50 children had their turn at the plane controls, and guess what? Once again, the girls performed wayyy better than the boys! Girls are sticklers in following the flight instructions!

Breakfast and cold refreshments were provided and they flew to their heart’s delight. A closing jet plane flying demo was the clincher for the fabulous summer day. For us at Borinquen R/C, it was a priceless experience!

Best regards, Juancho”

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