Youth Ambassador Nick Maxwell’s One Tank Tip

Youth Ambassador and Camp AMA instructor Nick Maxwell has been working with Hobbico to produce these One Tank Tip videos. Here is the latest video with a few extra tips from Nick below.


Hey Guys, here is a new One Tank Tip! This one is on piro flips! Hope this can help.

– A couple details that I missed mentioning in the video since I didn’t go through them for time reasons, one thing that can really help as well, if you start that 4 point 1/2 flip and 90 degree piro combination from inverted as well. That will really get you comfortable with any piro speed, and as many piros per flip you would like.

– Key point to knowing these orientations for reversing the tail rotor is so you can pick that tail rotor stop point and simply back track to your previous stick input. Example: If you are doing a right piro flip and you choose to reverse from upright, nose left, your last inputs would have been down elevator followed by left aileron to bank the model level, after you reverse, you will start the piro flip by using left again and then again down elevator to create the same loop direction but reverse rotation of the rudder.

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