Updates of AMA Flight System Documents

 The AMA posted on the AMA website its revised policies for R/C model aircraft operations utilizing First Person View (FPV) systems (AMA document # 550) and Failsafe, Stabilization and Autopilot Systems (AMA document #560) on November 2, 2012.

After a two month review by aeromodeling stakeholders, including members of the AMA and FPV community, the AMA Advanced Flight Systems Committee responded to questions for additional clarification for some operational statements within the documents. As a result of this collaboration several items within AMA documents #550 and #560 were revised on 01/14/2013 and the updated documents have been posted in the AMA website Document section titled “Advanced Flight Systems”.

 The committee appreciates those FPV enthusiasts and stakeholders who offered suggestions for operational changes to enhance the documents and improve clarity.

The AMA recognizes the importance of providing relevant and up-to-date operational policies and guidelines enabling members to utilize and participate in new aeromodeling technologies and disciplines. The AFS committee welcomes continued collaboration with aeromodeling stakeholders in efforts to improve the quality of AMA’s safety programing.

Andy Argenio AMA Chairman
Advanced Flight Systems Committee


  1. It’s great to see the AMA work with members to incorporate responsible changes to these rules, so that a growing number of pilots can enjoy this fascinating aspect of the hobby in a safe, responsible manner. Thank you AMA!

  2. I would submit to the AMA to tread carefully on imposing too many rules here. I know the AMA has a responsibility for saftey, but as far as FPV goes there is a lot of political dialoge that has been thrown around as well not unlike the gun control debates. If the AMA starts bowing down to alarmist views about FPV and starts regulating the hobby too closely….I\’m out. Let\’s face it, ANYBODY can buy a cheap RC airplane and redio from ebay, and when they go to look for places to fly their new electric jet where do you think they will go? To the heavily sanctioned flying field with yearly dues, or to an open field? Reasoning about safe flying and insurance will not factor into their decision. I think the AMA is close to regulating itself right out of business if they fail to realize that this hobby MUST MUST MUST first and foremost be fun. If the fun factor is removed by rules that forbid, (or heavily restricting) FPV or any other new type of technology that may come along, there is no reason to fly…and thus no reason to join.

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