Triple Tree Aerodrome, home to famous Joe Nall event, now online

One of aeromodeling’s first-class aviation centers, the Triple Tree Aerodrome, is now online. Enthusiast can visit the Triple Tree Aerodrome’s website to learn about the venue, located in Woodruff, SC and the events held each year, including the famous Joe Nall event.

The Triple Tree Aerodrome continues to develop its accommodations. The center has grown a lot since the ground breaking in 2000. Through hard work from volunteers the center has seen the aerodrome grow from a lake and a 7000 foot grass runway to a full facility with a hangar, workshop, 1940’s tower, multiple gazebos, shower facilities, campsites, hiking trails, helicopter sites, and more.

To learn more, please visit the Triple Tree Aerodrome website.


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