Patriot Ministries Day Camp

The Cen-Tex Modelers sponsored a Day Camp with the Patriot Ministries in Salado. The Director of the Ministries Jon Tidball, contacted Clayton Mahaltic of the CTM if some members could provide some basic’s about Model Aviation to some Military Kids on a Day Camp.

Clayton with the help of Butch Spradling, Fred von Gottler, John Pratt and Robert Haas took on the task for the 17 kids, ages 7-13. They taught them some basic aero dynamics, and explained to them, that no matter how small and simple the plane might be, it can fly.

For the starter the glued a Popsick Stick trainer together. Then a more exciting plane, they assembled a Sky Streak Rubber Band propelled and later a Styrofoam Plate Ryder. All the kids had the opportunity to test their skills, how the planes will fly. They did this inside the facility and outside.

All the kids had so much fun with those activities, more then you could imagine to include the trainers that volunteered their time for a good cause.

Toward the end of the day, the kids went to the CTM Flying field. There they were treated to a spectacular performance of Aerobatic and 3D flying by Club Member Terrance Williams with his Extra 300. The kids eyes were glued to the sky during his performance.

Thanks to Clayton and his helpers for a job well done. It gave all the kids a full day of good memories.




by Hubert Dirr


  1. As president of Centex Modelers Inc. It was a tremendous joy to share areo modeling with the kids of our nations heroes here at Ft Hood Tx. The kids had a chance to experience the joys of flight and 11 parents out of 17 kids at the camp, signed their kids up for a Model Aviaton Student Club and along with a free AMA youth membership. Our club will be supporting this MASC. We are holding another RC flight camp the 25th of August. Very much looking forward to it. We had great support from the AMA education department and used a great number of the materials/plans and such offered by that department. Jessy Symmes was awesome and her efforts helped us so very much.

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