New York City Drone Film Festival

The New York City Drone Film Festival (NYCDFF) was held on Saturday, March 7, 2015. This is the world’s first film festival exclusively dedicated to drone cinematography. NYCDFF allows aerial filmmakers to showcase their work that is shot around the world. There is emphasis on flight technique, aesthetic beauty, and much more.

The New York City Drone Film Festival was first established in 2014 by director, photographer and aerial cinematographer, Randy Scott Slavin. “I’m tired of drones being synonymous with questionable legality and FAA regulation.” Slavin said, “I want to celebrate the art of aerial cinematography.

A panel of 15 judges will presented awards for the following categories: Narrative, Landscape/Travel, Reel, FPV/Proximity/Technical Flying, Architecture, X-Factor, Most Epic Dronie, Best in Show, and Audience Choice Award.


Narrative & Best in Show: “Superman with a GoPro” by Corridor Digital, Taylor Chien and Dronefly

Landscape/Travel: “Koh Yao Noi” by Philip Bloom

Reel: “Cinedrones are Awesome” by Daniell Ashby

FPV/Proximity/Technical Flying: “MMMM/ Santa Monica Airlines” by Robert McIntosh

Architecture: “The Fallout” by Jeffrey Brink and Brian Streem

X-Factor: “I Won’t Let You Down” by Ok Go

Most Epic Dronie: “Floating” by Florian Fisher ad Michael Kugler

Audience Choice: “Mex Airport from Above” by Tarcisio Sańudo

To view the rest of the films, see what the media is saying, and read more information on the New York City Film Festival, visit the NYCDFF website here.

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