Nearly $20,000 in RC equipment stolen from Niles house


I’m sure most of us out there have spent hours to complete something that makes us proud or happy.

This week, one Niles man had something that took 30 years stolen from him.

Jared Owens is an avid remote control car and plane collector. He had been storing his collection in the garage of one of his rental properties, but earlier in the week, someone broke in and took the majority of his collection.

Now, all Owens has left of his collection are scraps. Parts that can’t fly, can’t drive, and have been just completely demolished.

“Basically in a nutshell, man, they took my hobby,” Owens said. “They took everything. Absolutely everything. 30 Years worth.”

The hobby all started back when Owens got his first RC car from his uncle when he was 5.

“You know, the cars grew into airplanes and it it never really stopped after that,” Owens said.

His collection kept growing bigger and bigger just like the planes.

“First time that I met my significant other, I had an 8-foot airplane sitting on the kitchen table,” Owens said. “So she knew what she was getting into.”

That 8-foot airplane was one of the two prides of his collection. Coming in at a total of about $10,000, he says they’re the items to really look out for.

“They’re such a unique item that it’s not- you’re not going to carry a 7-foot airplane into a house and someone’s not going to know,” Owens said. “Especially if you don’t do the hobby. Someone’s going to know something.”

His collection wasn’t the only casualty. Plenty of other things in the house were destroyed.

“I’m not mad,” Owens said. “I’m not angry, I’m just really hurt.”

Now, with clipped wings, he’s looking for help from anybody and everybody who will lend a hand.

“I’ve offered a $1,000 reward out of my own pocket for tips leading to the arrest of the people, recovery of the items,” Owens said. “They can stay anonymous. We can make it anonymous. I just want my stuff back.”

Owens reached out to a lot people who sell and buy remote control cars and planes to see if anything comes their way. If you notice either of the two planes pictured in this article, that’s something he wants to know.

He says if you have information, give his business at call at Owens Lawn Care. The number is (574) 265-3380. The Berrien County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the case, and you can contact them as well.

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