National Aerobatics Day 2021

The skill, beauty, and excitement of aerobatic flight will be celebrated on Saturday, June 26, during the inaugural National Aerobatics Day, which was has been established by the International Aerobatics Club (IAC).

“National Aerobatics Day is the perfect day to host an aerobatic camp, a BBQ, a practice session, or to share videos of aerobatic activity online,” Jim Bourke, IAC president, stated in a March 10 press release. “With over 40 chapters nationwide and two international chapters, IAC members will be organizing these types of activities and others to engage the public and general aviation pilots in aerobatics.”

IAC has established National Aerobatics Day as the fourth Saturday in June each year. It will highlight the dedicated pilots who fly these precision maneuvers, as well as the support teams and volunteers who make it possible. 

Greg Principato, president and CEO of the National Aeronautic Association, enthusiastically stated: ”Aerobatics thrill. They also inspire.  And there is no telling to what heights that inspiration will take someone!”

Originally developed as evasive maneuvers during World War I, aerobatics is a proven discipline that builds confidence and improves pilot proficiency. The loops, rolls, hammerheads, and lomcevaks are examples of precision flying at its finest, and most fun!

“There are few things in life and nothing else in aviation that are as joyful and liberating as flying aerobatics,” said John Cudahy, president of the International Council of Air Shows.  “And the idea of devoting one day each year to celebrating aerobatics is brilliant.”

The IAC exists to promote the safety and enjoyment of this great sport – what better way to celebrate than to set aside a special day to recognize the aerobatic community, and engage in sharing a passion that too few get to experience?

In addition to full-scale aerobatics fliers, RC Aerobatics pilots are welcome to celebrate the hobby that day. If you want to know more, check out the International Miniature Aerobatics Club (IMAC). Below are some helpful resources.

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  1. As both a member of IAC and (former) member of IMAC, I feel that this day is well deserved! Many great snaps and rollers to all!

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