Members Are Saving Big With Nationwide Insurance

The newly launched Nationwide Insurance affinity program is already providing AMA members with big savings on their insurance. Hundreds of AMA members have signed up for Nationwide’s lower auto, motorcycle, and RV insurance premiums. These special premiums are only for AMA members. It’s a win-win situation for you and for the AMA. The affinity program benefits both members and the AMA—you save on your insurance, while AMA receives financial incentives that help fund programs and keep your membership dues from increasing.

AMA never gives or sells its membership information to anyone. Affinity partners such as Nationwide Insurance don’t have access to AMA’s member database. Visit the AMA and Nationwide Insurance websites to learn how you can start saving today.

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Local Nationwide Rep Daniel Neale and staff met with members at the AMA Expo. He even purchased a quadcopter. Nationwide Insurance sponsored the Expo exhibitor’s reception.



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