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A Message from Leader Member Program Coordinator, Rusty Kennedy

It’s been three years since AMA President Bob Brown proposed the idea of better utilizing the talents of Leader Members (LMs). During that time AMA senior leadership also determined that the vice president (VP) and associate vice president (AVP) duties and responsibilities needed updating. AMA now has an excellent way for AMA leaders at all levels to be able to effectively communicate. This is important if clubs and members are to be able to use and have access to all of the AMA programs and benefits offered.

Many LMs are actively involved with their clubs, providing up-to-date AMA information, helping answer members’ questions, informing new members about available programs, and how to use AMA member benefits. LMs accomplish this by keeping themselves informed by subscribing to all the AMA e-newsletters, maintaining open lines of communication with their District VPs and AVPs, and staying active in their club.

I have found that clubs like having someone give a short talk about AMA at the meeting. I find a topic from one of the e-newsletters and I inform my club members. The president of one club is a retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, who expects me to be ready to speak about Leader Members and AMA. It only takes a few minutes and the members like it. Disclaimer: I am also a member of the club.

If you look in the 2014 AMA Membership Manual (www.modelaircraft.org/files/memanual.pdf) on pages 32 and 33, “Duties and Responsibilities Guidance for AMA Leader Members” gives you good information about some of the things you can do as an active LM. Remember as a LM you work at club level and help your VP and AVPs with their duties. Contact these individuals and tell them you are an LM and willing to help. They will be glad to hear from you.

You can contact me anytime. I am here to assist you. 


 —Rusty Kennedy

Leader Member Program


(757) 812-2812

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