It’s that time again: Renew, vote, and support

On September 15 AMA’s annual membership renewal period will begin. All Open AMA members, excluding AMA Youth members, will receive a personalized renewal form with ballot within the next four weeks.


Members have the option to renew using the mailed Renewal Notice, online, via fax (765)-741-0057, or over the phone (800) 435-9262.

We ask that each member read the message located at the top of the renewal notice. Each form is personalized to show the amount you owe for 2015. Most have options for membership, including different alternatives for magazine subscriptions. Please read this carefully to ensure you sign up for the package that best suits you. If any of your contact information needs to be modified, please do so on the form. Modifications can also be made if you choose to renew online under your membership profile in the ‘members only’ section.

If you have already renewed for 2015, please tear off the ballot at the bottom of the form and send it. No envelope is required.


The ballot, located at the bottom of the renewal notice is also customized for each member. To learn more about the candidates on your ballot, visit

Park Pilot members, and Youth-to-Open members (those who will transition next year to open members) will not have voting rights, but will receive a membership renewal form.

Affiliate members will only have voting rights for the national election positions.

2014 Campaign Statements are now available online.


The AMA Foundation was officially launched at the 2014 AMA Expo in Ontario, CA. Information, including the AMA Foundation’s mission, and support programs, can be found in the brochure included with your renewal notice. Support of the AMA Foundation will provide the funding necessary to continue AMA’s mission and its efforts to build, enhance, grow, preserve, and protect model aviation.

If you are interested in supporting the Academy with its legislative efforts and its dealing with protecting modelers’ rights to fly— select the “Advocacy/Government Relations” box.

Members who give $10 or more for the 2015 membership year will receive a donor icon on their membership card.

More information about the AMA Foundation can be found online:


If you have any questions please contact the AMA membership department, (800) 435-9262.

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    Two years ago when I renewed my AMA membership in Sept 2012, I received a new license in the old colors showing a 2014 expiration date. Then in December 2012 a new card arrived with the current color, again showing the 2014 expiration date. This duplication to me is a great waste of AMA resources. Therefore I will wait to renew my membership until December.
    Thank you.

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