Halloween Builds

In the spirit of Halloween, check out some “spooky” builds submitted from members.

Big Eyes

At this year’s NEAT Fair in September we had a Halloween theme for the Wednesday night of the show. A bunch of us decided to build Halloween planes. This is my scratch-built “Big Eyes” flying monster. It’s built from MPF and balsa and is powered by a Hacker motor on a 3s 1500mah LiPoly battery. The eyes and mouth are lit for night flying, and there are red “optic nerves” at the rear of the eyeballs that are also lit. The pupils and irises are 3d printed! 50” wingspan.

Rob Kallok
AMA #5441
Jersey Coast Sport Fliers (1265)
West Long Branch, NJ

Abbreviated summary:

Scratch-built “Big Eyes” night flyer from NEAT Fair ’23. MPF, balsa, and 3d printed parts. Hacker motor on a 3s 1500 pack. 50” wingspan. Looked awesome at night with illuminated eyes and mouth!!!


Flying Dragon

Covered with transparent green on top and yellow on bottom.  LED lights through out including red LED eyes. Powered with two E-Flite 1360kv out runners with 7x5E props.

Happy Halloween,

Gary Guzewich



Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Richard Roland 

Chester new York

Day and night flyer with leds.



Readers have asked for more information about the model in the image used in AMA This Week’s story published last week. Here it is, from Michael Smith:

“That is the Borealis by Ben Lanterman. It is a twin electric and appeared as a construction article in Model Aviation, Oct. 2012, pages 39 – 44. https://www.modelaviation.com/borealis

It is plan # MA1066  https://plans.modelaircraft.org/product/borealis/


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  1. It’s nice to see what modelers imaginations can come up with. Enjoy viewing the models for Halloween. I just recently got into watching YouTube’s. The young people 3-D printing airplanes and Flying and all the things they’re imagination can bring up provides hours of viewing. I’ve been modeling since 1948 and in my view is the best is yet to come.

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