Former AMA President Dave Brown Passes

It is with great sadness that we report that former AMA President Dave Brown has passed away. More information will be provided in AMA This Week and other media channels soon.

Former AMA President Dave Brown

Read an excerpt from Dave’s autobiography below.

Just a few weeks after that I was drafted and ultimately enlisted in the Army. I soon left for basic training. That over, I was stationed in Danvers, Massachusetts, at the Nike missile site, and soon I was building a Digitrio-4 from plans in Radio Control Modeler magazine from parts I scrounged from the base combined with some purchases from World Engines. I finished that radio, built my first multi airplane (a Goldberg Skylark), and flew it without any experienced help at Bridgewater during the first week of June 1967. How do I remember the date? Easy, my son was born on May 31, 1967, and I first flew that model while Sally was still in the hospital. That didn’t get me into too much trouble, but the fact that I took Sally and the newborn David Junior to the flying site to demonstrate my newfound skill on the way home from the hospital took a little explaining.

From Dave Brown’s autobiography.

Read more of Dave’s autobiography, which is included as part of the AMA History Program.

Dave Brown at a banquet held for him in January 26, 2008.
Bob Underwood presents the first HOPE Award to Dave Brown’s wife Sally.

Read about the banquet here.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new AMA Headquarters building in Muncie, Indiana.


  1. I can’t begin to express my grief at learning of Dave’s passing. We had great times at the Toledo and White Plains, trade shows during the hay day of the shows in the 80s and 90s. At one show he gave me one of his early flight simulators for me to review for a magazine article. He will surely be missed by all who got to know him. God bless, and rest in peace, my friend.

  2. I remember Dave flying at the Greater Cincinnati RC Club in the early 80s. Farewell friend and our prayers.

  3. It is with great sadness that I learned of Dave’s passing. He was one of the true gentlemen in this hobby. Dave and his lovely wife, Sally, always took the time to have a short conversation with me during the 25 years I exhibited at the Toledo Expo. He also freely gave his assistance whenever I called. My prayers are with Dave, but also with Sally and the rest of the family. Smooth Air, Dave.

  4. I remember being 10 years old dad taking me to blue ash to see Dave Brown flying the most beautiful Phoenix 5 with that white n brown paint scheme…..memories will last forever my dad n Dave were pilots, friends ……rest in peace …..

  5. Dave has been here longer than I’ve been into this hobby and that’s saying something. He was passionate about this hobby and gave a lot of himself to make sure that fellow AMA members had the best experience that they could. Rest well Dave.

  6. Dave was an awesome guy. I was a bit spoiled because he was local to me. Dave Brown Products was nearby and we flew full scale airplanes out of the same airport. One super nice evening for full scale flying, I was out in my Sonerai and noticed a friend in the distance in his Cessna 140. I decided to surprise him and run him down from behind. Just as I am overtaking the Cessna, I look left expecting to see my friend in the Cessna with a surprised look on his face. Instead, I see Dave, INVERTED, passing between us in his biplane looking at me. He had run us both down!

    He gave me pointers on how to fly precision aerobatics. He used his flight simulator to demonstrate. Even in the mid 1990’s with no practice he could execute about any maneuver flawlessly. Man was he smooth. I did well in IMAC partly because of his early advice. He also personally signed my Contest Director Application.

    Thanks Dave! You will be missed!

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