Five AMA members were selected for the Carl & Beth Goldberg Vital People Award

Five AMA members were selected for the Carl & Beth Goldberg Vital People Award at the October 15, 2022, Executive Council meeting in Muncie, Indiana. Pending notification of the recipients, they will be recognized in a future issue of AMA This Week.  

This prestigious award, created and named for one of the most recognized leaders in the model aviation industry, Carl Goldberg, will enter its 40th year in 2023. Consider nominating someone you know who works tirelessly behind the scenes to make model aviation events and activities successful.   


  1. I have 6 Carl Goldberg models from the 1980s. I really love them. three reasons, one booklet with illustrations on how to kit and clean printed the plan in large size. two options the model engine and size RC servos fit in then check CG balance. three maiden flying successful. The model airplane flew with good performance. then landed safely. I still have 5 survival models and one crashed cause received battery failure. the first kit airplane is Eaglet 50. The second kit Eagle 63 flew well many times and then crashed as an RX battery. third kit Cub-J3 scale. fourth kit Eagle 2 not yet built as still in the box but another almost ready fly Eagle 2 converted to FPV with the motor. sixth kit Jr Tiger still works hands kit. I was mistaken to sell out but survived the plan in a wing kit box so full hands of the fuselage. it will have 25 size engine. Carl Goldberg designs excellence!

  2. Two of my favorite planes that I owned in the past was the CG Extra 300 and of course the Ultimate Biplane. I remember watching the ring it out VHS tapes of Dave Patrick demonstrating what those models could do and I ordered both kits in the same year and had an absolute blast flying both of them until they each met their untimely deaths. The Ultimate didn’t have enough down elevator deflection and or airspeed to recover during an inverted down line resulting in a balsa dust cloud in the middle of the asphalt runway. It was a spectacular crash. The Extra died during an exhibition event during a spin maneuver that didn’t have enough air speed at the bottom to pull out normally. Instead, pulling up elevator just resulted in a snap directly into the hard cement runway. Again another balsa dust cloud. They were so much fun to fly and were just the right size for portability and overall fun for the buck. I would buy those kits in a heartbeat if they still existed.

    Currently, I’m building one of those Old School Model Works Fifty Six planes since I never got a chance to fly the original Falcon 56 even though I wanted one. Sometimes it is just nice to enjoy a well built flying model that is super easy to fly.

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