CIAM Legends Medal Introduced

The Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI) recently announced a new medal to honor the pilots who have won the title of FAI World Champion in any aeromodeling or spacemodeling competition three times. 

From a recent FAI news release: 

“The CIAM Legends Medal, established by the FAI Aeromodeling Commission (CIAM) in 2022, will be presented for the first time this year. This significant award aims to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of the most skilled aeromodelers and spacemodelers. It also seeks to recognize these individuals as icons of their sport for all aspiring pilots, who demonstrate the hard work, dedication, and passion required to achieve greatness in air sports.” 

Eligibility requires a pilot to have obtained at least three world championship titles in any aeromodeling or spacemodeling class. According to the FAI, “the world champion title may be gained in different classes. The award is reserved for individuals and can only be given once.” 

This inaugural year, the CIAM Legends Medal will be awarded to 59 individuals, with the US having the largest contingent. Those names will be released at a later date, after the individuals have been notified. 

The medal is part of FAI’s list of prestigious medals and diplomas. The awards ceremony takes place each year at the FAI General Conference’s Opening Ceremony, scheduled for October 26-27 in Dayton, Ohio. 


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